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WEHAKO B.V. and De Roo Autoverhuur have been successful partners for over two decades. Our collaboration is focused on speed and flexibility. After all, WEHAKO B.V. is active all over the Netherlands, with employees living and working across the country.

Throughout the years, De Roo has guaranteed access to a high-quality car fleet, 24/7, in the whole country. Our faults department, which needs to be available 365 days a year, would not be the same without the assistance of De Roo. All of our requests are seamlessly tackled and given that little extra attention thanks to the know-how of the De Roo team.

Problems? There’s no such thing! Sometimes we face great challenges, but we always manage to sort them, at an affordable rate.

Our collaboration is also based on the mutual trust we have built up over the years. We are often approached by large, nation-wide leasing companies, but they will never be able to offer us what De Roo offers… simply put, a top-notch leasing service.

Willem Heppe
Director, WEHAKO B.V.