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Quality labels and awards


De Roo Taxi & Autoverhuur was awarded the TX-Keur label, the official nation-wide quality label for taxi services in the Netherlands, which guarantees qualified drivers, as well as a comfortable taxi service at a fair price.

Concretely, a taxi that was awarded this label is:
• reliable: the driver always takes the correct route and calculates the right price
• safe: the vehicle meets stringent safety standards
• clean: both the vehicle and the driver are well presented, in line with the criteria of the quality label
• independently assessed: the inspection criteria are determined by neutral parties. All taxi companies are eligible for certification provided that they meet a set of strict criteria.

The taxi driver must be:
• customer-oriented: a taxi that carries the TX-Keur label cannot refuse short trips
• friendly: the driver must have good social skills, help you get in and out of the vehicle, and, if required, speak English
• professional: the driver must have completed several targeted training courses

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De Roo Taxi & Autoverhuur was also verified by Graydon as a financially sound company. In fact, it ranks among the 6% of most financially sound companies in its sector!


De Roo is also a member of ECOSTARS. ECOSTARS is a European qualification system for sustainable carriers of cargo and people, situated or operating in the region of Rotterdam. The goal is to improve the air quality in Rotterdam and surrounding areas and to help reduce fuel consumption of carriers. ECOSTARS makes a distinction between the best carrier-organizations regarding sustainability with the use of stars, where the best carrier has most stars. At this moment, De Roo has 4 out of 5 stars! You can find more information here.